Roy & Marlene Walters 

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FEATURED PROJECT: Monster Slayer, Child Born For Water; The Freeing the Eagle: Carrara Marble, 74"x 24"x 12" (WIP) this work in progress is very heavy (over 1Ton)


"Navajo War Gods" Monster Slayer is in Human Form, Child born for Water is in Spiritual "Deity" form, story says they have each others back. Navajo Tradition tell of ancient legends of Two Hero twins, born from Mother earth and born for the Sun. When their father the Sun accept the fact that these boys were his, he open his Kingdom, He ask what they want? They said they want the Nukes he used as weapon. The power the sun had was Dark Thunder Nuclear Bolt, to Defeat Alien Human Flesh Eater, "naa yee". They bite with their teeth like knives. The people were facing extinction. The Sun put armor of warfare and protection gave them their original Instructions of their identity and how not to contaminate the world with nuclear power. The Sun put the twins down on earth to confront the Big Evil "yeii' tso". This evil was so massive, it  took their Father, the Sun to help us all by striking the first blow to soften giant for the next two nuclear arrows, which Monster Slayer shot and put evil giant down. Yeii Tso remains are the sacred mountain to the South, Mt. Taylor, at Grants, NM. The adventure and story about the twins inspired me to make this  sculpture.